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Wine Coolers and Chillers Buying Guide

Wine coolers and drinks chillers are a great addition to the home for anyone who loves to entertain or for those who simply appreciate the finer things in life. Whether it be a small beer fridge to compliment your games room or a large capacity showpiece wine cooler to store your collection of fine wines, we will have something to suit your budget and requirements.

Freestanding or Integrated

An integrated cooler would conveniently and seamlessly fit in to your existing kitchen units, complimenting the design and look of your kitchen without taking up any additional floor space. Freestanding units come in plethora of sizes and looks and have the benefit of being able to be relocated, should the need arise.


We sell a cooler to suit all levels of enthusiast, from smaller 7 bottle up to 120 bottle capacity units available. So, whether you just enjoy a sip of a cold crisp glass with your dinner, or like to occasionally throw a dinner party for the whole family, we have something to suit your needs.


If you like to drink different types of wine then you may wish to consider a dual temperature cooler. This allows you to independently set the temperature in more than one zone within the cooler which is vital to ensure the wine is enjoyed at its best by being served at the optimum temperature. For those who are passionate about one particular type of wine then a single-zone cooler would be adequate.

UV Protection

If you’re enthusiastic about wine, you’ll want to protect your investment by shielding your collection from potentially damaging UV rays from sunlight which can affect the taste of your wine after prolonged exposure. Look out for UV resistant glass to guard against this.

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