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Chest Freezers Buying Guide

Chest Freezers are perfect for freezing and storing food in bulk, helping cut down on food waste by preserving food for prolonged periods of time. Certain models are suitable for use in an outbuilding, such as a garage, meaning they do not take up valuable space within your busy home. They are particular valuable and cost effective for larger families.


Capacities start from around 100 litres and would be suitable for single person usage or those homes where space comes at a premium. For those with larger families and the space, you may wish to consider something with 300+ litres capacity which should help cut down on the number of required trips to your local supermarket to feed those hungry mouths.

Energy Rating

The more energy efficient the chest freezer, the lower the associated running costs will be, saving you money over time. All our chest freezers are graded using the EU energy rating labelling system. For most, A+ ratings offer the best compromise between initial outlay cost and running costs.

Outbuilding Use

Some chest freezers are suitable for use in “Ambient Temperatures”, meaning they are certified suitable for use in colder environments outside of the home, such as your garage. This is perfect for anyone with restricted space in their home or for those who simply want the largest chest freezer their money can buy.

Fast Freeze

If a chest freezer has fast freeze then it simply means it reaches the desired temperate much faster, ensuring food does not have the chance to spoil and locking-in the freshness.

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