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American Fridge Freezers Buying Guide

Combining style and space, more and more people are opting for the all-in-one American-style food centre. Usually twin side-by-side door in design, they come in a variety of styles and colours to compliment any surrounding. Use our handy guide to decide which features and models best suit your requirements.

Capacity & Type

Most types of American-style fridge freezers are side-by-side 2-door models. Some models, however, have three or four doors and can include freezer drawers. As with conventional fridge freezers, some have larger fridge compartments than freezer compartments and the same in reverse.

Water & Ice

One of the more popular features of American fridge freezers is the ability to make ice and to dispense chilled water. Some of the larger machines need to be plumbed in to the water supply, whilst others need only be filled manually. Look out for the models that dispense crushed ice at the touch of a button!

Energy Rating

All American fridge freezers carry an energy rating ranging from A to A+++. The more efficiently rated your machine, the more you save on your bills. Our most energy efficient American Fridge Freezers can save up to 50% energy compared to the least efficient models - worth bearing in mind when you consider that fridge freezers are usually on 24/7!

Advanced Features

These larger style American Fridge Freezers come with additional features not usually found in the conventional fridge freezer. Fast chill and fast freeze functions help store food for longer and keep groceries fresher. Adjustable temperature control allows you to keep certain parts of the fridge cooler / warmer than others for the various different contents you may wish to store.

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