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Wireless Audio Buying Guide

They say music provides the sound track to our lives, so why not invest in a Wireless Audio device and listen to your music collection stored on your mobile or tablet in any room in the house, at the beach or in your hotel room via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Even better, buy a device with internet streaming capabilities and discover new music from around the world!


A short-range wireless communication method, Bluetooth is used to transfer data - in this case audio – between two devices. It provides excellent clarity over distances of a few metres, allowing you to stream your music directly to the audio device without the hassle of wires.


If your wireless audio device has Wi-Fi functionality, you are able to connect it to the internet, via your wireless router, meaning you can benefit from being able to listen to thousands of internet radio stations that would otherwise not be accessible. Compatible models will also be able to integrate with more popular internet-based music services such as Spotify.

Multi-Room Functionality

If you like to throw the occasional house party, or simply run a busy home and are forever switching between rooms, then do not let anyone miss out on your music playlist by choosing a wireless audio device with multi-room functionality. Simply, this allows you to add additional audio devices in other rooms of your home which play your music in unison, meaning your music goes wherever you go!

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