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OLED Televisions

Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) is a type of display technology that makes it possible to create even slimmer TV sets than LCD or plasma, while at the same time making them more efficient and eco-friendly. In contrast to LCD TV’s, which require a backlight to create pixel brightness, OLED pixels emit light directly. Therefore, viewing angles are much wider, plus colour and contrast stay the same from as far as 90 degrees off centre. Additionally, because each pixel can be turned off individually, OLED televisions can almost deliver an absolute black and infinite contrast ratio; the Holy Grail for picture purists everywhere. OLED pictures are typically brighter than their LCD counterparts and can achieve response times of less than 0.01ms, which practically eliminates motion blur.

Curved or Flat

More of a personal preference than a technological benefit, another consideration is whether you’d like your TV to have a curved or a completely flat screen. Fans of curved screens contend that the viewing experience is more immersive as the slight curvature to the screen wraps around your field of vision and the sense of depth to the picture is therefore enhanced. Those more in favour of flat screens argue that there is less distraction from the picture on screen due to less light reflection and the “sweet spot” for viewing the television is greater. It really comes down to individual taste!

Smart TV

Smart televisions connect to the internet either wirelessly or by a cable connected to your home broadband router, enabling you to access various online facilities. From internet browsing, to catch up television and on demand television, a smart TV will enhance your viewing possibilities. As you are connected to the online world, as with a PC or smart phone, you can access applications (apps) on your television and connect to social media sites as well as play online games.


You can now watch the very latest blockbuster movies in stunning 3D TV in the comfort of your own home. Whether you have a 3D blu-ray player or have access to 3D broadcasts (satellite and cable at present) 3D is no longer just something accessible at the cinema. There are two types of 3D: passive 3D and active 3D. Passive 3D is much like the cinema style 3D – it uses polarised non-powered glasses which give the 3D effect. Active 3D uses powered 3D glasses which synchronise perfectly with the screen giving you a higher resolution and a more intense 3D experience.


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