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Hoods Buying Guide

Built in hoods compliment your cooking appliances and help keep your kitchen clean and smoke free. With various traditional and contemporary types available, we are sure to have the model to suit any surrounding. Browse through our guide below to help you choose the model to best suit your needs.


There are four main types of hood: chimney, visor, integrated and island. Dependent on your hob type, and as importantly, your own personal preference, each type has its own merits: Chimney hoods extend up to the ceiling along the wall; visor hoods fit to the wall and extend outwards; integrated hoods pull out from a cupboard door above the hob; and island hoods are larger and designed to fit centrally above kitchen islands.

Method Of Venting

Choose from recirculation, extraction, or both. Recirculation hoods recycle the air through in built filters which remove the smoke and grease and then pass the air back out into the kitchen. Extraction hoods remove the smoke and grease and extract them outside of your home. These hoods require professional installation and must be placed on an exterior wall. Recirculation and extraction hoods combine the above methods.


As with the hobs that they cover, built in hoods come in different sizes to cover and extract the smoke and grease from the hobs they accompany.

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