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Dryers Buying Guide

With our weather being changeable and sometimes unpredictable, indoor drying is often our only choice. Our straight forward guide to the key features of our tumble dryers will help you choose the right type and model for your needs.

Type of Dryer

Vented tumble dryers expel the moisture from your clothes by means of a connected hose. You will need to position a vented dryer near a window for the hose to be placed through, or an external wall for the hose to be installed. Condenser tumble dryers, whilst more expensive, allow you the freedom to position your dryer anywhere in a well ventilated room. The moisture is collected in an on-board water tank which can than be emptied when full. Some Condenser tumble dryers have an in-built pump so that just like a washing machine, when connected to a waste outlet, the moisture can be automatically pumped out.


Quite simply, the larger the capacity, the more clothes you can dry in one go. Small capacity tumble dryers are ideal for those who dry infrequently or have small loads, whilst the bigger capacity machines would most suit the typical family with children. Larger capacity tumble dryers also decrease drying times as the hot air has more room to flow, saving you time and money.

Energy Rating

You can do your bit for the environment and save money with a more energy efficient tumble dryer. The most efficient machines are rated “A+++” and then go down the scale to “A” dependent on the amount of energy they use. With energy bills at their highest ever levels, it’s a good idea to choose an efficient dryer.

Sensor Drying

This smart feature detects when clothes are dry and switches off your tumble dryer accordingly. This feature also helps prevent excessive creasing as the temperature is lowered just before the end of the cycle - an excellent money saving feature well worth having!

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