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Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

Cylinder vacuums are generally smaller and lighter than upright equivalents, meaning that they are more suited to smaller homes. Due to their smaller form factor, they can be easily manoeuvred around the home and, after use, are easier to store out of sight. They also tend to be better equipped at dealing with picking up dust in those higher to reach or more awkward places around the home and most are suitable for all floor types.

Bagged or Bagless

Today, most vacuum cleaners are bagless but there are still bagged models available to buy. Bagless models have the benefit of being cheaper to run as there are no additional costs involved by having to purchase additional bags. Bagged models tend to have larger dust capacities and, as the bag seals off the dust, it could be argued they allow for cleaner disposal.

HEPA Filtration

Standing for High Efficiency Particulate Air, HEPA filtration works by forcing the dirt that is picked up through a fine wire mesh, trapping potentially harmful particles such as pollen, dust mites and pet dander. A vacuum with HEPA filtration should be considered by anyone who suffers from any sort of allergies or asthma.

Pet Friendly

For the pet-lovers amongst us, a vacuum cleaner labelled as a “pet” model is a must. They are designed to be extra efficient at picking up pet hairs from carpets and upholstery, ensuring that your home and furniture looks and smells like new.


Vacuum cleaning can be tiring at the best of times. As such, you may wish to consider the purchase of a vacuum cleaner described as “lightweight” as, during use, manoeuvrability around the home will be much easier.

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