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Feast at your Leisure

Food is not just for sustenance food should be celebratory and indulgent. Not to be picked at, or nibbled on, or pecked at, but feasted on. So, whether you’re a meat lover or have a special fondness for fish, whether vegetables are your thing or you just can’t imagine life without dessert, then a Leisure cooker is for you. By making those big feasts easier to create, a Leisure cooker can help you satisfy your soul as well as your stomach. Leisure’s whole range is designed to help you to indulge your deepest passion for food by making its creation as easy as possible. Fan Cooking that ensures even heat distribution allowing you to cook things at a lower temperature. Conventional Cooking that naturally circulates the air around the oven. Great for bakers. Programmable Ovens that allow you to keep track of cooking times and better plan your time. Leisure cookers have Cook Clean Liners that remove the need for you to scrub the oven walls clean.


The elegance and versatility of range cooking can be enjoyed in a far broader variety of kitchens than you might imagine. Whether you favour a truly expansive three-oven range cooker - look no further than the professional standard Cuisinemaster - or the compact convenience of the double oven Classic, the Leisure collection has a range cooker for you.


The Leisure brand has over 120 years of range cooking history. Staying true to that history we ensure every range cooker we produce has the very highest quality and performance, combined with the latest cutting edge design. Since its beginnings over 230 years ago, Leisure has been synonymous with innovation. The most significant development resulting from this pioneering spirit was the introduction of the first ever range cooker in 1883. The rich history of the Leisure brand has helped us become one of the largest range cooker brands in the UK.


To ensure the highest quality design, materials and construction of our cookers, we remain true to our core values of craftsmanship and uncompromising performance. Exhaustive attention to detail is coupled with the benefits of modern manufacturing techniques, whilst our state-of-the-art production facility meets exacting standards of quality control.

All of which ensure that the cooker you choose has the many advantages of the hand-built originals. Leisure range cookers are designed to meet the needs of the most discerning customers, combining stylish good looks with durability, reliability and affordability.


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