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The UK's favourite

Breville is the leading brand of small home kitchen appliances in the UK, with a hugely successful range of products across the spectrum of kitchen appliances including Kettles, Toasters, Irons, Blenders, Food Processors and many others. Breville's success is driven by innovation and design, as well as a determination to provide great looking, high quality products that cover the varying demands of the diverse UK population.

History and heritage

The Breville brand became a household name during the early 1980's when Breville invented and introduced the sandwich toaster to a hungry public. Today, Breville still leads the way with its sandwich toaster range, but the Breville name is now also synonymous with Kettles, Toasters and Irons, as well as a range of food preparation products such as Blenders, Food Processors, Juicers and many others.

Something for everyone

Breville is committed to delivering great products for everyone, with an aim to offer a range of high-quality, well-designed and exciting kitchen appliances that cover a range of different needs and budgets.


Breville has a wide range of exciting, innovative and great-looking products to suit all kitchen needs. From illuminating kettles to fast-toasters, and from pro-fryers to intelligent blenders, everything you need to cook up a storm in the kitchen can be found in the Breville range. So why not explore everything we have to offer and start to style your kitchen in your own image, courtesy of Breville...



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