No Washing Left Behind, Thanks to Samsung AddWash

The days of forgetting to put garments in the wash are over thanks to Samsung Electronics’ new AddWash frontloader – the machine that allows you to add laundry in mid-cycle. You’ve just started the washing machine only to discover that someone has forgotten to put a child’s sports kit into the wash for football practise tomorrow, or the weekly wash is just underway and then you find one sock or a few towels lying on the bathroom floor.


According to research conducted by Samsung, about 90% of consumers in Europe say they wanted to put more clothes in the washing machine after a wash cycle had started.

Further to this research, Samsung has come up with a unique and painless solution to tackle this annoying problem. The innovative AddWash series has an extra door located on the upper part of the main door making it possible to add any missed pieces of clothing – and even extra detergent or fabric softener – at any point during the wash cycle.

Adding laundry is easy, all it takes is a push of the Pause button, and in a second the extra door opens,  big enough to add a jumper or even a pair of jeans. The sleekly designed AddWash door is also equipped with essential safety features such as a ‘child lock’, which prevents young children from accidentally opening the AddWash door.

A smart washing machine, the Samsung AddWash series comes with an array of smart functions, which work with both Android and iOS smartphones, which not only make it easy to monitor the progress of the laundry programme, but also offers the option to alert users on their smartphone just before the start of a new washing cycle. For example, if they want to add a few delicate or hand-wash items towards the end of the wash cycle.

Samsung’s AddWash also has a Digital Inverter motor, which delivers superior energy efficiency, minimal noise and longer-lasting performance. Samsung AddWash gives consumers added flexibility and efficiency in their laundry routines. Samsung continues to bring new innovations to modern homes to make lives better and easier for everyone.

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Andrew Goslingon