The best from Bose just got wireless!

Sonic Direct are delighted to bring you the latest Bose product! Now in-stock are the truly ground breaking wireless Quiet Comfort 35 headphones, which pull together 40+ years of research in the pursuit of the best noise cancellation in the world. Lose the noise & wires and lose yourself in the music.

Bose’s best headphones yet – the wireless QuietComfort 35’s, are re-engineered with Bluetooth technology and a world-class noise-cancellation that makes music sound better – so you can just listen, with nothing in the way.

It’s magical to the ears, but it’s not magic. You feel it at the flip of a switch—noise fades, and your music soars. That’s the power of Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology, which continuously measures, compares and reacts to outside noises—then cancels them with an opposite signal.


As for the battery, they say you can’t get long battery life from wireless headphones. We say, “Try the Bose QC-35’s and enjoy up to 20 hours of listening”.

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Andrew Goslingon